Window 63 – Answered Prayers








 Our prayers are answered but our vision of how we think the outcome of the prayer will be can block us from seeing that they got answered.

If we each look back on past prayers we can see that many of our prayers were indeed answered but we just thought the “feeling” or “outcome “of the answer would be different from the reality of the answer, so we view the prayer as unanswered. We forget that the universe is in control and that some of our prayers will come with lessons in order to awaken us to a higher level of self that could not awaken by just being answered.

Take a reality check of what you prayed for and you will see that most of your prayers were answered and many of them exceeded the vision of your expected outcome. The review of your blessings should build your faith and knowing that you are heard and loved by an unseen force that is walking with you on this life journey.

 The power of prayer is unstoppable and gains strength when prayers are in made with loving intentions for the well-being of another person and combined with other people. If we all pray for each other we all are being prayed for and our connection to one another creates an invisible chain of love that answers the prayer and wishes of divine.

~ WOW ~

12 thoughts on “Window 63 – Answered Prayers

  1. Prayer transcends prayer but we know when we are praying when the connection together is a massive confirmation, alway love you post!

  2. One of my favorite posts. Well-written my friend, thank you for its message!

    I continue to hold you in my thoughts. I hope you’re having a peaceful weekend.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and keeping me in thought. My weekend is peaceful and I hope yours is too. I was thinking about you this whole week as my husband and I have both found dimes everywhere all week. maybe it was your moms way of delivering your thoughts to me and they are very much appreciated.

      • That’s really possible as I have been re-reading many of your posts this week and thinking a lot about you and your husband too (I know the weeks after a loss can be so hard). I even talked with a friend about your blog (this post specifically), so when she reads this, maybe it will make her smile.

        I like the idea that the dimes you find are like little “instant messages” or “spiritual hugs” passed via my mom as a medium. Or maybe even passed to you to let you both know that puppy is having fun playing with her and her dogs. Now I have a huge smile on my face. 🙂 Much love my friend…

      • I truly believe that!! and you are right on the money of dealing with loss.. You would think it would be easier for me since I have some inside vision but I actually have been struggling with missing my furry friend and i believe because of his unconditional love and his keen insight and guidance of spirit… He was my alert button he always let me know when spirit was around if I was busy and he always helped to keep in the present moment. So thank you so much your thoughts really mean a lot to me.. more than you will ever know! you have a smile and I am smiling with tears! happy and sad..
        Much love to you and thank you so much!

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