Window 64 – Every soul is Equal








You are neither above or beneath another human being…it does not matter what you have or don’t have or what you did or didn’t do …we are all one and the same and if your ego is sabotaging your belief to think otherwise, the divine will either humble you or ignite your light to know that we are all equal.

Every person is here for a purpose and is no greater or less in value.  It is the ego that poisons our thoughts to believe we are better or less than others because of our material items, physical appearance, finances and social status.  When we get caught in the trap of the ego we diminish the light of our spirit and drain the spirit of others.

We are not on this physical journey to outdo one another… we are here to love, support, give and share our blessings and unique abilities to help empower one another so that our physical journey does not break our spirit and our connection to the divine.

~ WOW~

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