Window 65 – Love is our lifeline








Love is all that exists in the spirit world;  it is the only thing that we were able to bring with us when we came to do this physical journey and is the only thing we can take with us when we depart.

We come from love that is why we all yearn to have love on this physical journey because it is what reminds us of home. It is why the loss of a love connection by death or a break up is so painful and devastating because love is the life line of our souls.

The energy of all our negative emotions and actions lingers on this earthly plain and the only way to heal it is through love. If the spirit realm operates only on love maybe we come here to purify the negative energy left behind by our ancestors and our self, with the goal of creating a replica of the spirit world on earth.

Love is what unites us and makes us feel an inner joy that is unexplainable; so let go of hate and forgive those who hurt you and make your wrongs right so you are not leaving behind toxic energy for your loved ones to bear.  There is nothing else we can take with us so we must let go of trying to obtain “things” that are meaningless and focus on keeping our connection to our inner spirit over our ego so we are seeing all things through love and leaving love for our loved ones.

If our earthly journey is a test to remain in love through experiencing the ego, than we must make that our goal to pass the test… so we can go home with honors.

~ WOW~