Window 67 – True Beauty exists in the heart

One critical comment  to a person’s physical appearance can deplete one’s self esteem in an instant, and create a painful struggle of self-worth that can last a lifetime.

Every person that has seen a mirror is well aware of what they look like; and almost every person on the planet has some issue with their self-image that they may not love or they feel insecure about; so the last thing any person needs to hear is some negative critique, thought or opinion from another person.

Think before you speak, and think harder before you voice a negative comment about someone else’s appearance because not only is it hurtful and rude it can also be the breaking point for the person  hearing the negativity. For anyone on the receiving end of a negative comment just remember that the person voicing it is the person who is suffering  and although that does not make it right or acceptable, it is an awakening that can help you from taking it personal and taking ownership of the negativity.

Our physical shell is for identification purposes and does not in any way determine the beauty of one’s heart. The  heart of a person is what matters;  and society has it backwards… so we must each do our part to connect with our own heart and the hearts of others above everything and show, love, kindness, respect and help empower one another so no one will  feel “less than” anyone.

~ WOW ~