Window 74 – What you think is the problem never is





The storms of life are not problems; They are the things in life that unjustly give us permission to explode and unload  our pain of something hidden within us that we have not yet faced or let go of.

Life is filled with many changes of ups and downs with daily stop signs that detour us or cause us to figure out a whole new route…some days it is smooth sailing and others are like navigating through a horrible storm.  Our detours are not problems they are just a part of life.

When you find yourself unraveling over some life detour and you reached your limit and explode; you are not exploding from the detour… The problem at hand that causes the explosion is not the problem… It is something much deeper that creeps up because we have not let go of or that we have been carrying around with us from childhood or a past relationship.

Something reminds us of our hidden baggage and we push it down or pretend it does not bother us but it builds and builds over time and then some life storm blows in and it becomes the perfect opportunity to release our pain.

It is in the moment right before you feel like you are going to blow that you need to really look inside and search hard and quickly as to what is “really “bothering you and if you are truthful with yourself you will find the answer and it is within that answer that defuses the explosion and begins the healing and release of a bag that does not need to be carried.

~ WOW ~

Window 73 – When you seek you will be shown








The beauty of the universe is that when you seek to find yourself you will be shown the self that you thought you were.

When we are unconscious our actions  affect others in ways that we cannot see or understand because we are stuck within the perception of our mind.   It is easy to see when our actions  are uplifting to a person on the receiving end; but many of our actions and responses create wounds or re- open a wound of the past that we cannot see or understand because we are speaking and listening with our mind.   

Whatever we put out will come back to us including our unconscious actions…so when you are ready to take the journey of finding your” true self” the universe will humbly awaken you to see and feel the effects of your unconsciousness but it is through that view that you will truly know the difference between the voice of the heart and mind.

~ WOW ~

Window 72 – It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind








If we seek to be a blessing in another person’s life we will be alert to see those who are in need of a blessing.

No person should ever feel unloved, alone or invisible in a world that is filled with billions of people.   Unfortunately there are people all over the world that feel that way, but if each of us were to strive to be “alert” and “present” we would be able to see and feel the energy of the people around us that are feeling invisible, unloved or alone.

The simplicity of a sincere smile or a hello shows someone feeling invisible that they are seen… Don’t be a person that is stuck in the tunnel vision of your own life because your lack of acknowledgement to another human being can be the final cut to their physical soul.

 It takes the world to change the world so each of us has to do our part… No matter what hardship someone is enduring the mere fact of knowing that they are not alone and loved can ease the pain of what they endure. We are all one and we must look out for one another because if everyone feels loved they are spreading love.

~ WOW ~

Window 71 – You create your internal tsunami

There is nothing outside yourself that causes your internal tsunami… It is your own internal thoughts and memories of past pain that arise when you witness another person’s behavior or actions; but you have total control of your tsunami surfacing outward.

The moment that you feel a shift in your emotions is when you must stop and look internally as to why your emotions are shifting… your initial thoughts may be that it must be the person you are around or interacting with or what someone else did or said but… that is looking outside yourself, and placing blame will only add to your internal dialog instead of stopping the chatter.

You have full control of your reactions and emotions; no one can cause you to shift… The shift usually takes place due to small nagging internal judgments that have built up and have gone  unaddressed;  then there is some action that takes place that ignites the explosion and we place blame on the” action” instead acknowledging that we were shifting internally long before the explosion took place.

We all have to interact with people or situations that we don’t care for or  that drive us nuts, that is just a part of life but… when you become aware of the internal shift and can really look at why it is surfacing; the “why” is what becomes the antidote for reversing your emotional tidal wave and seeing your internal truth.  

It is through knowing the truth of your emotional shift that you can then change your thoughts and actions instead of your thoughts and actions changing you and leaving scars of pain on yourself and  others that will trigger an internal tsunami.

~ WOW ~

window 70 – Change is the path to our destination

If you can roll with “changes” while being totally encompassed in the moment you will see the hidden doors to guide you that are not visible when your moment is encompassed within the thoughts of the mind.

Changes are taking place within every breathing second but when we are drowning in our thoughts of worry and fear we cannot see a change and we actually miss the doors we are meant to walk through  that are  right in front of us.  If we are unable to see or feel the small changes that are leading us to the full view of the change that we are awaiting we will not only miss the outcome of our change but we will fall deeper into the drowning pool of the thoughts and fears.

When we are able to  see that we  are” not” in control of the direction of our journey is when we can  consciously enjoy the ride of the present moment; which not only builds our faith and connection to our source, but also give us a deeper look into the fine details and strategic maneuvers of orchestration by the divine that  shows us that we are all an intricate piece of a bigger picture and plan that connects us all to one another.

Letting go is not falling… it is letting your heart guide you instead of your mind, so let go and fly with the navigation of divine and you will always land exactly where you need to be for yourself and for others who are in need.

~ WOW ~