window 70 – Change is the path to our destination

If you can roll with “changes” while being totally encompassed in the moment you will see the hidden doors to guide you that are not visible when your moment is encompassed within the thoughts of the mind.

Changes are taking place within every breathing second but when we are drowning in our thoughts of worry and fear we cannot see a change and we actually miss the doors we are meant to walk through  that are  right in front of us.  If we are unable to see or feel the small changes that are leading us to the full view of the change that we are awaiting we will not only miss the outcome of our change but we will fall deeper into the drowning pool of the thoughts and fears.

When we are able to  see that we  are” not” in control of the direction of our journey is when we can  consciously enjoy the ride of the present moment; which not only builds our faith and connection to our source, but also give us a deeper look into the fine details and strategic maneuvers of orchestration by the divine that  shows us that we are all an intricate piece of a bigger picture and plan that connects us all to one another.

Letting go is not falling… it is letting your heart guide you instead of your mind, so let go and fly with the navigation of divine and you will always land exactly where you need to be for yourself and for others who are in need.

~ WOW ~

13 thoughts on “window 70 – Change is the path to our destination

    • That is the universe communicating with you and since you are hearing the message you are in balance!!
      I agree that it is an easier way to live just put it in the hands of our creator and our way will be illuminated.
      Blessings to you!

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