Window 71 – You create your internal tsunami

There is nothing outside yourself that causes your internal tsunami… It is your own internal thoughts and memories of past pain that arise when you witness another person’s behavior or actions; but you have total control of your tsunami surfacing outward.

The moment that you feel a shift in your emotions is when you must stop and look internally as to why your emotions are shifting… your initial thoughts may be that it must be the person you are around or interacting with or what someone else did or said but… that is looking outside yourself, and placing blame will only add to your internal dialog instead of stopping the chatter.

You have full control of your reactions and emotions; no one can cause you to shift… The shift usually takes place due to small nagging internal judgments that have built up and have gone  unaddressed;  then there is some action that takes place that ignites the explosion and we place blame on the” action” instead acknowledging that we were shifting internally long before the explosion took place.

We all have to interact with people or situations that we don’t care for or  that drive us nuts, that is just a part of life but… when you become aware of the internal shift and can really look at why it is surfacing; the “why” is what becomes the antidote for reversing your emotional tidal wave and seeing your internal truth.  

It is through knowing the truth of your emotional shift that you can then change your thoughts and actions instead of your thoughts and actions changing you and leaving scars of pain on yourself and  others that will trigger an internal tsunami.

~ WOW ~

23 thoughts on “Window 71 – You create your internal tsunami

  1. [ Smiles ] Lovely article.

    We are indeed responsible for our creations and it is always good to work on ourselves to create inner peace, because if we don’t, we will create inner conflict.

    LOVE and Light to you, my friend!

  2. So very true, but so very hard to accomplish. I’m just now realizing, in my 40’s, that we control our emotions and our actions, and that our emotions just are, nothing more, they just are what they are. I also like the idea that we can control our actions, but we can’t control the outcomes. Keep writing! Good stuff.

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