Window 72 – It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind








If we seek to be a blessing in another person’s life we will be alert to see those who are in need of a blessing.

No person should ever feel unloved, alone or invisible in a world that is filled with billions of people.   Unfortunately there are people all over the world that feel that way, but if each of us were to strive to be “alert” and “present” we would be able to see and feel the energy of the people around us that are feeling invisible, unloved or alone.

The simplicity of a sincere smile or a hello shows someone feeling invisible that they are seen… Don’t be a person that is stuck in the tunnel vision of your own life because your lack of acknowledgement to another human being can be the final cut to their physical soul.

 It takes the world to change the world so each of us has to do our part… No matter what hardship someone is enduring the mere fact of knowing that they are not alone and loved can ease the pain of what they endure. We are all one and we must look out for one another because if everyone feels loved they are spreading love.

~ WOW ~

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