Window 73 – When you seek you will be shown








The beauty of the universe is that when you seek to find yourself you will be shown the self that you thought you were.

When we are unconscious our actions  affect others in ways that we cannot see or understand because we are stuck within the perception of our mind.   It is easy to see when our actions  are uplifting to a person on the receiving end; but many of our actions and responses create wounds or re- open a wound of the past that we cannot see or understand because we are speaking and listening with our mind.   

Whatever we put out will come back to us including our unconscious actions…so when you are ready to take the journey of finding your” true self” the universe will humbly awaken you to see and feel the effects of your unconsciousness but it is through that view that you will truly know the difference between the voice of the heart and mind.

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 73 – When you seek you will be shown

  1. Your words always deliver wisdom and I ‘pounce’ on each post. I have noticed that in the new seeing the mind always wants to perch on those wounds we have unknowingly inflicted. As if we could change anything we walk into the chamber of self torture over what at a time long past was beyond our understanding. Thank you for your sight.

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words and for reading my posts… I appreciate you very much. you are so right on the mind wanting to remind us of our wounds… But when you know it is just the mind trying not to feel non existent you start to pick up on the familiar patterns and are able to tune it out and not let it bother you… Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

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