Window 87 – You are worth your blessings


“When you find yourself surrounded in blessings that you never envisioned for yourself, your mind will be the whisper trying to distract you with negative thoughts and feelings of unworthiness and fear that are unjust.”

Prayers do get answered and dreams do come true and you must not allow your mind or the mind of others to steal your joy.  You are worth what you dream and you are worth all the good things that come to you, even if you made poor choices in past.

So when you find yourself in awe of  your blessings don’t let your mind trick you into believing  you are only blessed by accident or luck… instead, allow the joy in your heart to override the chatter of your mind, because a joyful heart will sing louder than the whisper’s of the mind, and the mind will become joyful.

~ WOW ~

Window 86 – Reflections of your past


When the reflection of your past does not mirror who you are today through any thoughts or actions… you have truly evolved.”

Each of us  has a past filled with colorful choices that have molded us into who we are today, but if our” today” mirrors the same reflection of our past with only changes to the people in our life or our residence, then the only change that has taken place is to our outward appearance.

Age does not bring wisdom if you are repeating the same thoughts and choices…True wisdom comes when you can see the depth of your choices and understand the “why “for what you chose, instead of seeing just a failure of choice.

When you can no longer recognize the person in the reflection of your past, is when you are no longer that person.

~ WOW ~

Window 85 – Our lowest moments become our light


“Our life journey may lead us to the lowest place in life that we never imagined we would go but… it is the exact place we needed to go in order to get where we are destined to be.”

Everyone is constantly rotating between the role of teacher and student throughout the  cycles of life. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses for enduring certain situations and for those that we are weak, someone will become our strength and for those that we are  strong, we will be the strength for someone else.

When the role of student feels like an endless battle of failed tests a path of darkness will appear disguised as light and if we choose to follow that direction we can quickly end up in a place we never imagined we would go… but upon arrival all the answers that we had been seeking will become crystal clear.

All dark spaces of the mind must be endured in order to fill them with light… and all travel to darkened places are your training to be a teacher.   Never view aspects of your journey as a failure or punishment; because what you endure heals you and provides guidance and wisdom for others enduring the same.

~ WOW ~

Window 84- Love is our weapon for freedom of the mind








There is nothing negative that comes out of giving love, unless it stops being given or felt.

Love is the only thing we were given from our spiritual home to take with us on our physical journey and the only thing that we can take with us upon our return.  It is a powerful emotion that transmits the whispers of guidance from our creator, bonds our connection with one another and is our secret weapon to sicken and weaken darkness.

Our biggest fight on this physical journey is the fight between the whisper of our heart and the screaming of our mind…Nothing negative can penetrate the heart; no person is bad, they are just stuck in the static of their mind because the screams are overpowering the whispers.

To live in a state of love we must learn to tune out the static of our mind…If you are not feeling love at this moment the volume of  your mind is turned up … take a deep breath and release, your breath is the volume control for your heart… with each breath listen for the whispers of love.

We all were given the same loving heart  supplied with and endless amount of love… no other person was given more or less love than you… they just have less static.

 ~ WOW ~


Window 83 – The mind is the blockage of truth








One single shift to our perception can open a window of truth that changes our entire outlook on life and how we live it.

We were molded from childhood by the perceptions of others that we unconsciously took ownership of and made our truth.  When we are living the thoughts of others we are living a life that is inauthentic and we will feel an unexplainable void that leaves us restless and searching for something we cannot pinpoint.

It is only when we stop searching with our mind and look with the view of our heart that we can see the truth of what is; because an open heart has a view that cannot be seen by the mind.   Once your heart is open it shifts your” perception” to see the reality of truth with the eyes of love.

~ WOW ~

Window 82 – Your inner spirit is the key you are looking for







A restless spirit cannot take flight until it is content with being grounded.

When we are not content we are not in alignment with our inner spirit instead we are aligned with the” want” of things and constant changes to feel complete.  When you connect with your soul you begin to see you have everything you need within and you begin to take flight.

~ WOW ~


We must remain united in LOVE








We are all united today, our hearts are bleeding with sorrow for the small children, teachers and families that lost their lives and loved ones in this tragic evil event.  Darkness came out to play today and hurt people deeply, but even in this tragic evil event the light is still shinning and is stronger than this dark nightmare of reality. Those that passed away today are okay they are home, But those left behind along with the rest of the world are not okay… We have to make some serious changes and they have to start within each and every one of us for the change to be powerful.


Amidst this darkness we are bonded and we are showing love, kindness and compassion for each other and we are all praying which puts us all in alignment with our source. The power of prayer is more powerful than anything and when we are all praying for the same things such as peace, love and for the well-being of  everyone the light becomes a powerful force on the physical realm.

There is a lesson in everything and even in this tragic event there is something to learn … What happened today and what happened in Oregon earlier this week cannot become our normal… We cannot wait for the next attack of darkness to show love and compassion we must show the love we feel today to everyone everyday! 

We must detach from our ego and our things and put people first. We are all here to help one another and we need to continue this unity.  Each of us must do our part… start with your immediate family, neighbors and strangers…Pay attention, stay awake and don’t turn your head when you see someone hurting or in trouble, keep your love and compassion flowing.

Imagine a world where we were all conscious and loving… Darkness could not survive; it would have to become light or become nonexistent… These thoughts do not have to be a dream we can make it a reality and it is within all of us to do it. 

As the days pass this tragic event will fade from the headlines, but we cannot let it fade from our hearts. Imagine if we were all in a loving state of consciousness and remained united… no one would ever have to feel dark enough to act out evil.

We are all suffering, praying and showing love because we are all one and the same… we must pull together and remain together, it is the only way to create peace.

Prayers and love to everyone especially those who lost someone today.

~ WOW ~

Window 81- Anger is just fear


A person in fear will explode in anger and believe that their anger was ignited by another person or situation when in reality it came from fear.

The underlying source of all anger is fear, and our fear becomes the fire starter of our internal inferno that leads to our explosion of anger because we are in fear of something in our life not going our way or something painful from our past feels like it is reoccurring.

We blame our anger on other people and situations but our anger is just fear…so the next time you feel the fire within building ask yourself what you are fearful of and it will help you to put out the flames before you burn yourself or someone else.

~ WOW ~

Window 80 – The Struggle is our classroom


The Life struggles that repeat continually are signs from the universe for us to look at our internal toxicity that is blocking us from being the peace that we are longing to be.

Our internal war is the struggle, not what is happening around us or to us. We continue to have the internal war because “unconsciously” the war is our comfort zone and until we are willing to get “uncomfortable” all of our lessons will appear to be the same struggle over and over.

No one enjoys hard times but the true turmoil is beneath what you are struggling with; and when you can see the truth of why you feel so toxic during a struggle is when “that” lesson will end.

~ WOW ~

Window 79- You are not lost you are just conditioned








You do not need to find yourself… you just need to let go of everything that you “think” you know and figure out what you know for sure and everything else will come to you, through you.

We are all molded from childhood and we take on the beliefs and perceptions of others and make them our own. It is not until what we think is ruffled that we can begin awaken to what is real.

Once that process begins we must not look back with blame; we must only look at right now to what we know and our view will become clear in every part of our life… and that is when you see yourself as a part of a bigger picture and the self becomes found.

~ WOW ~