Window 81- Anger is just fear


A person in fear will explode in anger and believe that their anger was ignited by another person or situation when in reality it came from fear.

The underlying source of all anger is fear, and our fear becomes the fire starter of our internal inferno that leads to our explosion of anger because we are in fear of something in our life not going our way or something painful from our past feels like it is reoccurring.

We blame our anger on other people and situations but our anger is just fear…so the next time you feel the fire within building ask yourself what you are fearful of and it will help you to put out the flames before you burn yourself or someone else.

~ WOW ~

13 thoughts on “Window 81- Anger is just fear

  1. I had a coaching session with a client and he brought up this issue of concern about anger and we discovered or uncovered that his fear is, false ~ expectations ~ appearing ~ real.
    His anger was the bye product of a unreal or untrue expectation.
    So we reframed the issue.
    You post reminded me about anger fuelled by fear.

    Many thank for you insight.


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  3. Fear, afraid that I will not get everything I want.
    Acceptance….the antidote for fear….what I get is what I deserve….karma.
    Balance….some for you, some for me….and the world keeps on turning.
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

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