We must remain united in LOVE








We are all united today, our hearts are bleeding with sorrow for the small children, teachers and families that lost their lives and loved ones in this tragic evil event.  Darkness came out to play today and hurt people deeply, but even in this tragic evil event the light is still shinning and is stronger than this dark nightmare of reality. Those that passed away today are okay they are home, But those left behind along with the rest of the world are not okay… We have to make some serious changes and they have to start within each and every one of us for the change to be powerful.


Amidst this darkness we are bonded and we are showing love, kindness and compassion for each other and we are all praying which puts us all in alignment with our source. The power of prayer is more powerful than anything and when we are all praying for the same things such as peace, love and for the well-being of  everyone the light becomes a powerful force on the physical realm.

There is a lesson in everything and even in this tragic event there is something to learn … What happened today and what happened in Oregon earlier this week cannot become our normal… We cannot wait for the next attack of darkness to show love and compassion we must show the love we feel today to everyone everyday! 

We must detach from our ego and our things and put people first. We are all here to help one another and we need to continue this unity.  Each of us must do our part… start with your immediate family, neighbors and strangers…Pay attention, stay awake and don’t turn your head when you see someone hurting or in trouble, keep your love and compassion flowing.

Imagine a world where we were all conscious and loving… Darkness could not survive; it would have to become light or become nonexistent… These thoughts do not have to be a dream we can make it a reality and it is within all of us to do it. 

As the days pass this tragic event will fade from the headlines, but we cannot let it fade from our hearts. Imagine if we were all in a loving state of consciousness and remained united… no one would ever have to feel dark enough to act out evil.

We are all suffering, praying and showing love because we are all one and the same… we must pull together and remain together, it is the only way to create peace.

Prayers and love to everyone especially those who lost someone today.

~ WOW ~

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