Window 85 – Our lowest moments become our light


“Our life journey may lead us to the lowest place in life that we never imagined we would go but… it is the exact place we needed to go in order to get where we are destined to be.”

Everyone is constantly rotating between the role of teacher and student throughout the  cycles of life. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses for enduring certain situations and for those that we are weak, someone will become our strength and for those that we are  strong, we will be the strength for someone else.

When the role of student feels like an endless battle of failed tests a path of darkness will appear disguised as light and if we choose to follow that direction we can quickly end up in a place we never imagined we would go… but upon arrival all the answers that we had been seeking will become crystal clear.

All dark spaces of the mind must be endured in order to fill them with light… and all travel to darkened places are your training to be a teacher.   Never view aspects of your journey as a failure or punishment; because what you endure heals you and provides guidance and wisdom for others enduring the same.

~ WOW ~

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