Window 115 – Service to others grows love


“When we give of our self, we gift our self, more than the person we are giving to.”

The most important thing that we can do in life is to give of our self; when we give from our heart; our heart strengthens in love for our self, and starts a cycle of strengthening love in those that you give to, and those who are a witness to your giving.

Service to others is more of a gift to our self; because when we are giving, we have no time to fret with worry and fear over our own problems, which in turn fills us with more love… and when  fear is replaced with love, we are able to see that our problems lessen.

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A simple thought


“A person’s judgment towards you has absolutely nothing to do with you; but if you take it personal, it shows your uncertainty within, of that to which you are being judged.”

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Window 114 – Your Spirit is powered by love


“Do not own the negative judgments of others and apply them to yourself, because those negative thoughts will weaken your spirit, and keep you from flight.”

There is a static of negativity that echoes throughout our day by our various activities through what we see, and hear, which penetrates our subconscious…  if we are not “conscious” of what we are absorbing, that negativity can become a part of our beliefs, to which we will create an echo for others.

Your spirit is fueled by the power of love; and the more love you absorb, the more powerful you become. To keep your spirit in flight, all you have to do is know that you came from love; you are love, and then just be loving.

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Window 113 – Peace of the heart creates peace of mind


“Peace of mind can never be obtained through the voice of the mind; peace comes only when the mind is aligned with the heart.”

 You cannot tell yourself to think calming thoughts to feel peaceful because those thoughts will only be temporary until you jump back into your daily functions of life.

Inner peace comes when the heart and mind are in balance; which is achieved by accepting what  you cannot change, and by surrendering control to the universe with full trust and knowing, that they know what is best.

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Window 112 – A selfish heart does not exist


“When you can see the area’s within yourself that you are selfish, you will begin to see your true self emerge.”

When we are not fully awake to the voice of our heart, there will be areas within us that only “do” for the good of self; but… the more we evolve, the more the  voice of our heart is heard, and the light of our soul becomes a light for others, instead of shining only within.

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A simple Thought


“We all have free will, but it does not mean that we should act on our wants, above the will of the divine.”


Window 111- Change the voices of your mind


“When the negative voices of our mind begin to speak kindly to us our heart has taken charge of our thinking, because we are immersed in love.”

The only way to shut down all of your negative voices is to choose love; because when you are in a space of love, the view of yourself and others automatically sees love, and what you see and feel will change the words of your voices.

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Window 110 – Do not become “full” on suffering


“We begin to suffocate from our suffering  we try to hide our pain; and as the tightness of each breath become’s too much to bear, we unload our pain and create suffering in others.”

We all suffer at times, but we must not allow our suffering to become a part of us to where we can no longer connect with love, kindness and peace.  We must transform our pain through love by consciously filling up on love, to filter out the toxicity, to maintain  balanced breathing

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Window 109 – Compassion softens anger


“When we can see bullets coming toward us and turn them into cotton, our compassion is at the forefront of our view, and we are in a state of true peace.”

When people lash out at us they are in pain and fear; and if we take the lashing personal we will follow their behavior and give them a lashing in return…but when our view of the lashing is seen with the eyes of our heart, we see pain, and return love, and the lashing is never felt.

When we walk in peace we react in love, which can ease the pain of another and help create peace within.

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Window 108 – We must dig deep to obtain depth


“If our own point of view is all we can see, then the view-point of others will always be a self-reflection.”

What we think we know always has more depth, so we must remain open and eager to hear the thoughts, and insight of others, or we will become buried in surface knowledge, as the depth of truth unfolds around us.