Window 89 – Letting go fuels your soul


“Letting go is the hardest thing to do; because the mind needs us to re-live our pain of the past to fuel its survival… because an empty mind is no longer in control of our thoughts.”

The mind has an instant replay button  for every negative thing that we have ever  endured throughout our past, and it is constantly pushing that button when it see’s that we are starting to hear the voice of our heart in a louder octave.

Our heart  holds all the memories of love, blessings and miracles; that is why the mind tries so hard to keep us spinning in our past pain to prevent us from letting go.

Not only do our spinning thoughts fuel our own mind, they fuel the minds of every person we share our painful  thoughts with… which triggers their replay button of their past pain…and two minds in pain will breed more drama to fuel the minds of others.

~ WOW~