Window 102 – A negative shift is not a mood swing


“There is a subtle shift that takes place internally when some sort of negative energy is trying to shake your inner peace and turn it into chaos… and it is only when you are conscious of the shift, that there is no shift.”

We all have experienced within our self or  another; a random negative shift in behavior that arises and totally ruins a wonderful moment… those types of shifts are not mood swings, they are whispers of darkness that shift your perception to give you a negative view of reality.

 Darkness is sly; it knows when we are not alert and it is always awaiting to pounce but… before every attempt of a dark attack, the divine will alert you through your senses… sudden feelings of uneasiness, fear, irritation, or internal tightness,  are your warning signs that something negative is trying to shift your perception and cause an explosion.

When you sense a shift;  you must follow what you are sensing and remain in a place of love, because love, is the weapon for defeating darkness and keeping you in the arms of the light.

~ WOW ~