Window 104 – Love will get you up when you fall


“If we do not forgive ourselves for our blunders and get back  into a heart state of mind, our blunders will become our identity.”photo(11)

We all mess up at times and sometimes it feels like our fumbles are so damaging that there is no way to recover or bounce back into a place of love for our self…and it is within those low moments we must remember that no matter how big of a fumble we made, our creator forgives us, and never removes us from love and we must do the same and continue our journey.

Beating ourselves up for falling short to our Ego and fears does not fix what we fumbled; it only keeps the fumble in play… You cannot get sad enough or mad enough to make it go away, all you can do is own what you did, see the depth of why you did it, forgive yourself, get back into a place of love, and make a conscious effort to do better.

It takes more effort to spin in negativity than it does to just be conscious in love… so love yourself, and let go of your guilt because the quicker you recover with love, the more your identity evolves in love, and your falls become just a slip.

~WOW ~