Window 111- Change the voices of your mind


“When the negative voices of our mind begin to speak kindly to us our heart has taken charge of our thinking, because we are immersed in love.”

The only way to shut down all of your negative voices is to choose love; because when you are in a space of love, the view of yourself and others automatically sees love, and what you see and feel will change the words of your voices.

~ WOW~

9 thoughts on “Window 111- Change the voices of your mind

    • AW you are so sweet!!! I truly appreciate this award from the bottom of my heart… The only thing is, I don’t have a clue how this whole award thing goes… I see these things on other blogs and I have asked other who have given me some but I am at a loss of how this all comes to be and where you get these awards etc… I don’t want to accept when I don’t know how to join in and give them in return! Your thoughtfulness, knowledge and wisdom mean so much and I feel very honored for the gift of your award, and for your friendship… I love your blog I look forward to it every morning when I wake up, I love to awaken with hearing something pure, loving and filled with wisdom … all which your blog holds.

      Much love to you and thank you again so much.

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