Window 113 – Peace of the heart creates peace of mind


“Peace of mind can never be obtained through the voice of the mind; peace comes only when the mind is aligned with the heart.”

 You cannot tell yourself to think calming thoughts to feel peaceful because those thoughts will only be temporary until you jump back into your daily functions of life.

Inner peace comes when the heart and mind are in balance; which is achieved by accepting what  you cannot change, and by surrendering control to the universe with full trust and knowing, that they know what is best.

 ~ WOW ~

5 thoughts on “Window 113 – Peace of the heart creates peace of mind

  1. Great post. I think it’s also important to let go of anger and all the emotional pain that hides beneath it. Sometimes we just need to stick our head in a pillow and scream until the anger is gone. Cheers!

  2. So true. Another key to peace is to stop thinking altogether – well, the pointless, circular, negative thinking that the mind will engage in left to its own devices. Those times of no mind, when i am centred in acceptance and faith are truly magical.

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