Window 110 – Do not become “full” on suffering


“We begin to suffocate from our suffering  we try to hide our pain; and as the tightness of each breath become’s too much to bear, we unload our pain and create suffering in others.”

We all suffer at times, but we must not allow our suffering to become a part of us to where we can no longer connect with love, kindness and peace.  We must transform our pain through love by consciously filling up on love, to filter out the toxicity, to maintain  balanced breathing

~ WOW~

Window 109 – Compassion softens anger


“When we can see bullets coming toward us and turn them into cotton, our compassion is at the forefront of our view, and we are in a state of true peace.”

When people lash out at us they are in pain and fear; and if we take the lashing personal we will follow their behavior and give them a lashing in return…but when our view of the lashing is seen with the eyes of our heart, we see pain, and return love, and the lashing is never felt.

When we walk in peace we react in love, which can ease the pain of another and help create peace within.

~ WOW ~

Window 108 – We must dig deep to obtain depth


“If our own point of view is all we can see, then the view-point of others will always be a self-reflection.”

What we think we know always has more depth, so we must remain open and eager to hear the thoughts, and insight of others, or we will become buried in surface knowledge, as the depth of truth unfolds around us.


Window 107 – The illusion of self is not truth


” When we are able to face the truth of our conditioned self, we can then begin to awaken the self that is of truth.”

We can never awaken to our true self when we are layered with conditions of our past that block us from seeing the depth of  who we really are.  The only way to remove those layers of our false self; is to face the fear of finding out that everything we thought we were,  was an illusion.

A fearless spirit will seek the unknown depths of the soul to find the truth, instead of settling for thoughts of truth.

~ WOW ~

Window 106 – What are your Intentions


“The intentions behind our actions and words carry powerful energy that determines either a positive or negative outcome. “

Negative and reckless intentions will only breed negativity, and resolve nothing…but when our intentions are heartfelt and for the good of others, even within a negative situation; the positive energy behind our words and actions will filter into the situation, and create some sort of positive shift.

The energy of clear intentions that come from love, will be felt…which will soften the words and actions that may be painful to receive, but they will be understood through love.

~ WOW~

Window 105 – We either hurt in fear or walk in love



“Until you are able to see how your actions inflicted pain upon another persons life, you will “not” be able to see that you need to make changes to your actions.”

When we are hurting we become conditioned by our wounds and fill up with fear… and that fear causes us to over analyze and read between spoken words to re-create within our mind that we are being wounded again, to which we then lash out, without realizing that we are the inflicter, and not the victim.

It is only when we can let go of our fear, that we can see the truth of our actions, and feel the pain that we have inflicted.   Once  we are able to feel  how we have shattered the life of another, is when we can truly stop using our pain as an excuse for lashing out  unjustly. 

Love cannot flourish in fear so we must face the fear to end our pain and walk in love.

~ WOW ~