Window 128 – Surrender to planning and enjoy the ride


“No matter what type of situation we are awaiting to unfold in our life, our timing of expected fruition is never thee time, and when we feel that time is coming upon us too soon and that we are not ready, our creator will tell us that we are.”

It does not matter what we plan; because there is a divine plan for everything to which none of us have any control. Our creator knows when we are ready for our labors to come to light, or if our light needs to come before our labors, so all we can do is just strive to be our best, surrender our need to control the future, and just let it all unfold with grace, and with a joyful heart.

We will not be dropped, when our dream does not unfold the way we envisioned, the Divine just has a better vision for us.

~ WOW ~