Window 132 – An enlightened heart, quiets the mind


“There are infinite levels of awakening on the journey toward enlightenment; so don’t let a few “aha” moments distort you into thinking you have found the way, because only the divine, wears the crown of pure enlightenment.”

When our spirit breaks through our mind the door to the way becomes opened but… there are endless doors that are left to be unlocked and each door opens as we remove layers of conditioned untruth. If we become complacent through the opening of “one” door, our ego has tricked us into believing that we struck gold, but in reality it is just the gold of fools.

Seeking to enlighten our spirit is the hardest job we will ever do, and one that must be worked on in every conscious moment.  Through the pain of opening each door, reaps the reward of equally closing a door of our pain and suffering that will forever remain closed.

~ WOW ~

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