Window 139 – React with love


“It takes more  energy to turn the other cheek, than it does to turn into what you what you are trying to turn away from.”

It is easy to react and lose our inner peace, but it takes a conscious effort to look beyond what is being said or done with compassion, and remain in peace. A person who is filled with pain will have to release it, and if you are foolish and take on the energy of their pain as your own, you will react.

Let your reaction be love; just look past the painful words of the attacker and see them in love, the same love that lives in you is somewhere in them, and if you can see it, you will remain in peace.

~ WOW ~

8 thoughts on “Window 139 – React with love

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  2. Great post remember its not about you it’s about them and sometimes forgiving is hard based on human ego and the need for love and acceptance


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