Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward


“When the path of our divine purpose becomes known, we must keep walking forward to fulfill our purpose, for if we look back to see what or who we have left behind, Great spirit will replace us with someone else to fulfill the divine plan.”

When a spiritual awakening takes place everything that we thought we once were is void, and what we awaken to know, changes what we see.  If we look back and long for people or things in our past; we drain energy from our present moment, which shifts our part in the divine plan, and our awakening becomes a part of our past.

~ WOW ~


3 thoughts on “Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward

  1. Wow…. Thats amazing i have walked from past and friends..they still try to contact me …i cant look back at them….cause they are not where i am…….i feel bad at times……this post helped me so much!!! Many blessings to you.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am glad this post helped… It is the hardest thing to walk away when it is only due to your own need to move forward alone. All you can do is pray that one day those in the past awaken to understand why you had to move on alone. walking away does not mean you think you are above others, or you fell out of love for them, it is just something you must do to follow the way of your divine plan, which is the most important.

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