Window 154 – The past is a distraction of your growth


“Nothing new can emerge into our life when we are still standing with one foot in our past.”

Once the voice of your higher self is heard, there is an instant shift in your perception of who you thought you were, where you thought you were going, and who you thought was going with you.  Your new perception of where your life path must go, will either leave you elated with joy, or frozen in fear of making  the changes that you know must take place, in order to fulfill the destiny of the voice.

The voice just provides a glimpse of how your true self can blossom, but it is up to you to bring the real you into fruition, and both feet must be moving in the same direction, in order to reach your desired way.

 Your past brought you up into this moment, but it has no place in your future, so if you are truly wanting to follow your inner voice, and become who you are meant to be, than you will have to let go of the people, and behaviors, that are blocking the doors to your desired evolution.

~ WOW ~