Window 158 – Don’t let the past define your self-worth


“The people that know where we came from, and all of our past blunders, will have the hardest time accepting us in awakened state of consciousness, because they are still walking the streets of their past.”

No one has a pristine past, and we are all given the same opportunity to purify our spirit and awaken to a higher consciousness of change. But when our changes rise above a level that the people of our past have not reached, they will hold us hostage in our past, by keeping our blunders alive with judgment, in the present.

Just as Jesus could not teach in his home town, we may also have to walk away from family and friends, so we can live in the level of worth, that we worked so hard to reach.

~ WOW~

10 thoughts on “Window 158 – Don’t let the past define your self-worth

  1. Wow, this is so true. It seems that my family and friends have little appreciation of my growth, awareness and knowledge. Although I understand it, it can be disappointing at times.

    • Yes I walk in your same shoes as many of us do and we just have to accept where they are and how they feel so we are not doing what is being done to us. The blessing is we meet people on our same path so it eases the pain of the loss of those we thought we would be with us our entire journey.

      I always say… just keep it moving! I know through what you write that you heart is always speaking and that is a beautiful thing that those in your past are missing out on, but I am glad to be a part of what you write.

  2. I understand this…so much….you really touched my soul….with this post. You write from a very very deep place and understanding. Thank you.

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