Window 163 – Negativity is not entertainment


“Those who create evil  entertainment, for others to view, were once a “viewer” of evil”

Whatever we take in will affect our energy, and if we are “comfortable” watching others engaging in negative behavior, and or harming the lives of others in evil ways, we will become negative subconsciously, and if we do not awaken we will become what we view.

We must consciously choose what we watch for entertainment because it will shift our energy field, and cause irritation to arise unjustly.  When we fill our minds with laughter, love, and peace, our mind is aligned with our heart, and negativity feels out-of-place.

~ WOW ~

6 thoughts on “Window 163 – Negativity is not entertainment

  1. I totally, totally agree. i am super fussy about what i watch and have recently made the decision to not watch anything that makes me feel bad, icky, shocked or traumatised. I wish my partner would do the same thing!

    • Even if it does not make you feel icky, if it is negative even certain reality shows where people are yelling at each other the whole time… its just a waste of your own energy and it pollutes your mind. If you are processing laughter and knowledge or wisdom that is what your mind will replay instead of useless drama that will slowly be absorbed.

    • Thank you, I so happy that others are turning the channel! What we absorb will penetrate our spirit even when we think is harmless… I say fill up on laughter and shows of kindness, love and knowledge and then those things will keep your spirits lifted!

  2. I love your blog, every post! You are affecting my thinking in a very good way. And yes, I am also choosing care in what I watch; I’m fairly susceptible, it seems, to the energy around me and “at” me. Also, every month I post quotes that really encourage me, and have quoted you a couple of times with link and reference to your blog and the post it came from. Is that OK with you? I should have checked with you before. I hope I have not infringed on your rights, and know that others have been blessed by your words also. Thanks! Diane

    • Thank you so much Diane, I cannot tell you how much your words mean to me, I am so touched that you read my blog and that it brings encouragement for that was my only purpose in creating this blog. You never have to ask to pass on my blog, I thank you so much for doing so and for sharing your heart with me. You are a blessing to me. Thank you so much!

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