Window 167 – Our insecurities are portals for darkness


“Our silent insecurities are the pathways for darkness to enter our mind; and use them against us, by distracting us from hearing the voice of our heart, in hopes of pulling us away from the light of our spirit.”

If you feel like your insecurities have taken over your life; your connection with the divine has become weakened, and you must quickly look to the light , and allow “it” to become your distraction, which will blind your dark thoughts, that are NOT your own.

~ WOW ~

10 thoughts on “Window 167 – Our insecurities are portals for darkness

  1. I feel the need to connect even more so lately than before. I’ve been swamped with insecurities lately and this morning, as i got to work a bit early, i decided to go into prayer. I decided to take 3 minutes a few times a day and talk to GOD, for he strengthens me and makes way for me to hear my own heart.

    • Yes God, and Jesus are your weapon for darkness, and setting time aside is great but you also can just speak in thought and be heard. When you can see that your insecurities are at the forefront of your thoughts then you know that something knows that you are very close to reaching a new level of light and it is trying to make you fall from grace. I am sending up a prayer for you, stay strong and know that you are not alone, you are loved.

      • Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. Im just glad i recognize those dark moments enough to fighter harder to see the light.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the post, “Being Grateful.” The pictures on this post are very pretty, and you’ve made some very good and important points. Best to you.

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