Window 200 – In nothing, everything awakens


“Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what we need to be doing; so instead of feeling guilty when the call of silence speaks to you, follow the whisper, for it is only through stillness that divine guidance can be heard.”

 When we are accustomed to always doing, the actions of doing nothing becomes our fear, because it is within the silence that both voices of dark and light are heard, and a doer is to mind busy to decipher the difference between the two voices,  so always doing keeps us  from having to face what our internal voices are saying.

 Have no guilt with nothing to do, for within  stillness everything emerges.


~ WOW ~

Window 199 – Our human thinking blocks our spirit from emerging


“We are all human beings living a physical journey and seeking a spiritual connection; when in truth, we are all spiritual beings in a human body… so if we change our focus from being human, to “being,” we walk spiritually human, which overrides human actions and thinking, and places our focus on Love, kindness, and compassion, which are spiritual actions of the Divine.

~ WOW ~

Window 198 -Comparison, is abuse toward self


“When we compare ourselves to others we stab our own heart with words of rejection, toward who we were born to be.”

Every soul is unique; and is given a divine purpose for walking this life journey, and if we allow our physical shell or material things to determine our worth by comparison to others, we are not only missing the purpose of the journey, but we are wounding are own heart which is the vessel for carrying our eternal spirit.

We are all of equal worth with different paths to walk,  therefore we need different identities and professions to do our path works, but each path leads to the same destination, and love, compassion, and kindness is only way to arrive. 

We must stop looking at everyone around us and just look within, for our spirit will show us our blessings of worth, to which we will see the worth in others.

~ WOW~

Window 197 – Hidden truth speaks emotionally


“When we do not have the courage to speak our truth, we will harbor our anger toward self, and at an inappropriate time our emotions will speak, and our truth will remain hidden.”

~ WOW ~

Window 196 – Negative thoughts are an illusion of darkness, not truth


“When darkness comes hunting for us; our thought’s  will become magnified with negativity, which feels like the wounds of our past reopening, when in reality, they are perfectly healed.

If we take ownership of the dark illusions of our thoughts, the hunt ends and we will be devoured into a bleeding wound, so we must be mindful of any negative shift in thought, and carry our weapon of love, which sickens the hunter, and allows us to regain the heart spoken truth of thought.

~ WOW ~

Window 195 – our hardships in life are teachers, not prisons


“When we cannot see anything past our own story, then we have succumb to it, and it will be all that others come to know and share about us.”

Our struggles and hardships in life do not define us; unless we allow the struggles to be all that we see.  We must surrender to whatever we are enduring, for it is just our life teacher, and  seek the view of our blessings to pull us through the pain, and prevent us from being the blockage in our own life.

Our life is filled with more than what breaks us down, so we must focus on the things that lift us up, because then we are not a story, we are living.

~ WOW ~

Window 194 – Giving to takers, will never be paid forward


“When we continually give to takers, our gifts go unseen, and the energy of our gift does not move forward into the hearts of others.”

The gift of giving is a form of energy that carries great power for both the giver and the receiver to become filled with love, that will prompt more giving, but if the the giver or receiver is inauthentic with gratitude, the energy of the gift becomes void.

We cannot give to people please, and we cannot receive UN-appreciatively, because if the gift is not heart given, or received heartfelt, all giving is just taken, for the purpose of the ego.

~ WOW ~