Window 181- Physical treasures are worth nothing in Spirit


“Our material things will not follow us to the other side so instead of  striving to obtain all the best things, strive to be the best you, because when we walk in grace, we gain treasures in spirit, that will follow us forever.”

The energy spent on trying to become something through our things, is energy wasted and worth nothing in spirit; but the time and energy we spend striving to walk in the footsteps of the Divine,  through actions of love, kindness, generosity and truth,  allows us to store up our treasures in heaven to have eternally.

When we walk in our spirit physically, we are planning our future spiritually; and our actions will determine whether we receive a key to our storage of blessings, or a key for our return, to right the wrongs of our actions.

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12 thoughts on “Window 181- Physical treasures are worth nothing in Spirit

  1. I was just thinking of one that I used to know who has grown old and is still acquiring and protecting possessions. I think the problem here is that he doesn’t know that an alternative exists. And he would not listen to the alternative because he is too invested in hanging on to the physical. This is the plight of man. All this suffering…but mostly we are afraid to let go. Suffering will be the teacher.

    • Thank you so much Melanie! You are so very kind, I appreciate your award so much, however I have no clue how to copy and link all the stuff that is required in these awards, but I truly cherish your kindness and am very grateful for your award.

    • I think it is ok to accumulate some things because we are suppose to enjoy our time here, but when our things become our time and our everything we are missing the boat. When we can let go we actually gain the most treasures that free us from our own warped thinking.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts, I truly appreciate the visit.
      Have a great weekend!

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