Window 189 – Love, and kindness, should be the headline news


“We unite “temporarily” in a tragedy, but then we drift apart as soon as the hype of the tragedy diminishes, and the mundane reality of life returns… Our reality should be that we “permanently” walk united in a state of love, kindness, and compassion, for all mankind, the same way we connect during a heightened level of a tragedy.”

We should not wait until we are blindsided by something horrific to connect with one another, because there are silent tragedy’s taking place within people’s lives on a daily basis, and if everyone felt the embrace of  love, kindness and compassion, maybe less pain would be inflicted, and more loving stories would make the headlines.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 189 – Love, and kindness, should be the headline news

  1. That is it exactly, tragedy and we all unite, we need to keep being together in peace and love, not drift away again afterwards. But things like htat are forgotten far to quickly. If htere was more kindness and love in the news I would watch it!

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