Window 198 -Comparison, is abuse toward self


“When we compare ourselves to others we stab our own heart with words of rejection, toward who we were born to be.”

Every soul is unique; and is given a divine purpose for walking this life journey, and if we allow our physical shell or material things to determine our worth by comparison to others, we are not only missing the purpose of the journey, but we are wounding are own heart which is the vessel for carrying our eternal spirit.

We are all of equal worth with different paths to walk,  therefore we need different identities and professions to do our path works, but each path leads to the same destination, and love, compassion, and kindness is only way to arrive. 

We must stop looking at everyone around us and just look within, for our spirit will show us our blessings of worth, to which we will see the worth in others.

~ WOW~

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