Window 193 – A partner of love, will find you


“When love comes calling for us it will never leave, but when we seek it out on our own, it will always run away, because we called on it to come, instead of allowing it to arrive through the timing of the Divine.”

We must wait on the universe to send a partner of love in our direction, for if we seek out a sleepless dream, we will fall in love with a love that is not meant to be.

Love will come to us through the winds of the unseen when we least expect it, and when it arrives the depth our spirit will know that it is a love that is true, for it will be a love that continues to grow and never leaves.

Seek only love for yourself and then when you are love, true love from another, will come find you.

~ WOW ~

Window 192 – The hand of fear will pull you away from light


“If we walk on our journey holding hands with fear, we will never see the extended hand of divine light reaching for us, because fear will tell us that the hand of light is darkness, to which we will grasp the hand of fear more tightly.”

The unknown is fearful but we must embrace what we cannot see, in order to see what is awaiting to embrace us… If we allow fear to be our guide we will be guided into darkness, and the illumination of what is unknown, will never be revealed.

~ WOW ~

Window 191 – The vault of our failures has a public combination


“The combination to the vault of our failures is known by darkness, which is why our reoccurring self reflections of past pain and failures resurfaces every time we are faced with a new challenge, or when we are about to receive a divine blessing.”

The distraction of our past is all that darkness can use against us to try to prevent us from succeeding in our present and future, which is why when we are attacked we must seek  to open the vault of our love, blessings, and positivity, so we can regain our connection to the light,  to stop us from spinning in our past.

We may not be able to lock the vault of our past, but the combination to the vault of our blessings is sacred, and hidden from darkness, and all we have to do to open it, is listen to our heart.

~ WOW ~

Window 190 – The door to our truth, can only be opened from within


“When we are unable to face the truth of our own feelings, we will vent our emotional pain upon anyone that goes against what we are trying to control, due to the exhaustion of representing our self as the truth, we wish we could be.”

 True freedom can only be felt when we stop concealing our thoughts, desires, and beliefs, and stop pretending to be someone we are not, or pleasing others out of fear; for when our truth is spoken, our spirit emerges, and our fear becomes void, to which freedom of our true self takes flight.

~ WOW ~

Window 189 – Love, and kindness, should be the headline news


“We unite “temporarily” in a tragedy, but then we drift apart as soon as the hype of the tragedy diminishes, and the mundane reality of life returns… Our reality should be that we “permanently” walk united in a state of love, kindness, and compassion, for all mankind, the same way we connect during a heightened level of a tragedy.”

We should not wait until we are blindsided by something horrific to connect with one another, because there are silent tragedy’s taking place within people’s lives on a daily basis, and if everyone felt the embrace of  love, kindness and compassion, maybe less pain would be inflicted, and more loving stories would make the headlines.

~ WOW ~

Window 188 – Forgiveness can only be given, when we connect to Divine love


“We imprison our self and block the flow of divine love from entering our heart and sharing it with others, when we refuse to allow forgiveness, for our self or another.”

Life is filled with many painful events; and if the depth of truth within the event is not seen, anger and hatred will always win in blocking love, and keeping forgiveness UN-given.

When we  connect to the vision of divine love, we are be able to look  beyond our pain, and see that the inflicted pain, was caused by pain unhealed, to which we will then see our self and others, in a light of love, and forgiveness will become our response in any painful event.

~ WOW ~

Window 187 – The energy of our actions will always remain afloat


“We cannot live a life of darkness or hypocrisy on this physical journey and then return to our spirit form and become a saint. How we act now not only affects the lives of others, it affects our walk in spirit.”

Everything we do is seen by the unseen and how we live now, will later become our life review, so if we are living in a way that does not align with the wishes of the divine, not only will our review be long, but the energy of our wrongs will fall upon those we leave behind.

Imagine being in spirit and seeing our loved ones and strangers, suffering on their physical journey because of the imprint of energy left by our negative actions… we must strive now to walk in positivity and love, so our energy is uplifting as it passes through the energy field of others, now and when we are gone.

~ WOW ~