Window 222 – Become Love in everything


“When we make a conscious effort to think, listen and speak in a state of love toward our self and others, our negative thoughts cease to be heard.”

When our negative thoughts are not guiding us, we are loving, gentle, kind and compassionate toward our self and others.  So if we strive to walk in love, love will become us, because we are following the footsteps of the Divine.

~ WOW ~

8 thoughts on “Window 222 – Become Love in everything

  1. Very interesting thoughts. I was just thinking today about how much I aspire to be loving. And how it’s not so much that I’m not…It’s that there’s a lot of negativity in my mind that gets in the way of the love that can flow naturally from inside me.

    thanks for posting.

    • Thank you Philosophejake, I truly understand what you are saying and it is all about shutting off your thoughts so you can hear your heart and speak it without the distraction of thought. Thank you so stopping by and sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it.

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