Window 223 – Thinking creates unjust thoughts


“We must listen without thought when someone is speaking, so our own thoughts do not interrupt the reality of a conversation.”

When we think in between the words that are being spoken, we are not hearing the truth of what being said, because we are too busy thinking of a reply to the triggers of words, that remind us of our past pain.

The past can only come into our present moment when we allow it to, so if old feelings start to arise within a present conversation, the past is not repeating, it is just our mind replaying old verbiage to create unjust conflict to pull us away from the present moment.

Listening with heart keeps the mind from pulling us into the past, to which love is seen in all that is said without ego.

~ WOW ~ 

6 thoughts on “Window 223 – Thinking creates unjust thoughts

  1. I am always dismayed to hear my mind rattling on while another speaks to me. We can only do our best to listen deeply, forgive ourselves and then I think we have managed to serve another.

  2. Terrific post and very synchronistic. Last week, I talk to my karate students about this very thing … awesome! 🙂 I’m going to repost this on our Facebook page.

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