Window 224 – unforseen changes


“When a sudden change shatters the life you thought would be, all you can do is embrace the change that has arrived and trust that there is a plan beyond what you can see.    The universe is your designer and the change that is taking place, is the beginning construction of the plan.”

~ WOW ~

12 thoughts on “Window 224 – unforseen changes

  1. If we all knew that everything is happening as it is meant to and that know matter what happens, we’ll be okay, we would have nothing to fear or resist. Great post WOW!

  2. So true, those are words of comfort and understanding, needed to see that today, wow thanks. God is so awesome in His timing and everything!!!

  3. The problem is sometimes if something happens , you think that is the end of the world. Of course it isn’t but it takes time to realize that. Now I know things happen for a reason and my plan is changing, it can only be for the better. So embrace the plan changes ! Thank you , such a great post!

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