Window 225 – Love yourself and protect your spirit


“You are the only one who can protect the energy of your spirit and if you are being depleted by the actions of someone that you love, the only way to save yourself may be to walk away and never return, out of love for yourself, which should be a love greater than any other.”

~ WOW ~

13 thoughts on “Window 225 – Love yourself and protect your spirit

  1. Since I have done this many times to save myself I am glad to read it here. There is always the period of self recrimination for having failed to save the relationship. In truth there is nothing more to be done. I think that by freeing yourself you free the other.

  2. I have another though over here. When you walk away, are you not actually weakening your spirit? As I know, the spirit is very very powerful and it has the capability of withstanding any blows of time, relationships, etc. I guess, if I love some one truly, my spirit will never tell me to walk away because despite some hurts and disagreement, that person makes me complete. In fact, by staying there I am just being stronger and better. And we all say that love brings transformation, so instead of running away we must let our love bring transformation which will open the reservoir of love and bliss later.

    I am writing this as I experience this many times. For once, I feel heart broke. But my heart never quits, you know. Yes, it draws some limits for next time. But doesn’t quit.

    • Thank you Delightedsouls for sharing your thoughts… I completely understand what you mean in your statement and my intention for this post was not to say give up and walk away… it was to say if you have tried, tried, and tried and continue to be in a negative situation whether it is an intimate relationship or a friend or family member, you have to protect yourself, if you are being drained and exhausted by the energy of another person your spirit is breaking. There will always be ups and downs in any relationship and I was not implying to runaway… I was speaking from a place of protection of your own spirit, because if you allow the energy of others to drain you your spirit will weaken.

      Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by and expressing your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

  3. Thank you for the kind reply.

    I get your point and the perspective in which it holds true. On the higher side of it, I think that we must strengthen and grow ourselves on each experience. We should aim to make our souls so powerful that it is least affected by the heart breaks, joys, sorrows etc. The soul should be such that it is above all that. It should be pacifying, controlling and flowing. Well, I guess, meditation helps a lot to realize one’s truest self and the potential one’s spirit has in all the aspects. A true spirit is like Shiva 🙂

    You know, I have no clear idea where I come from while I present my view. May be I am providing another version of the same outlook. I am sure you’ll understand me and forgive in case I am diverting from the main discussion.

    Thank you

    • I totally understand where you are coming from and your view is similar to mine… The soul is above all but in some cases you have to protect yourself from those who are dark and do not even know they are a spirit first… ( if that makes sense?) we are on the same page my friend and I love and appreciate your insight and I thank you so much for sharing it with me and all who read. You did not divert anything, you expanded the view.

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