Ponder this! – A false reality


We have TV channels filled with reality shows of rich people becoming richer by acting disgracefully and having no concept of the “true” reality that is taking place for people around them.

Since the world seems to like reality TV; how about documenting the reality of  those who are struggling to survive with nothing and giving them  the same financial gain that is given to other people on reality shows, so they can have a way out of their suffering, to gain the freedom to live with the basic’s that we all should have.

The documentation of creating drastic life changes for people in dire need of a change, would be more uplifting to watch and money well spent above the money that is given  to those for who use the money for egoistic entertainment purposes.

The viewers of a life changing reality show would be awakened to what is going on in their own community, instead of the community of those who have more than they need to survive comfortably.

 Families are living on the streets; children are hungry and going without the basic’s life necessities…Something is seriously wrong with our world that we would rather watch a false sense of reality, instead of facing reality and doing something for those who have had the reality of losing everything, through circumstances that are out of their control.

We need to look at others in love and reach out to help those in need instead of turning our head, we need to take a little less for ourselves so others don’t have to go without.

Imagine a world where no one was homeless, hungry, jobless or felt less as a human being over lack of anything… if everyone did something, that could be the reality.

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38 thoughts on “Ponder this! – A false reality

      • 😦 It’s true! And heartbreaking. But I didn’t even know how bad it was until I myself fell on hard times. Yesterday was a perfect example. I held a sterling silver ring in my hand, told pawnbrokers that I was out of gas, and they politely sent me on my way. Family too…. I don’t understand.

      • That breaks my heart… do you have a pay pal account? I don’t have much but I will give you what I can. That is so wrong that some people never imagine them self being in your shoes. for pay pal all I need is an email address. I am so sorry I will keep you in prayer.

  1. Agreed. When we all decide to “attract or manifest” this, that will be good. Or many of us. Instead of the ego stuff. I find it offensive – all of the talk about how to be successful. I am interested in having enough. And working with others so that we all can have enough. Waking up is disturbing. Shocking at first. Overwhelming. But that is what needs to happen. I think there are those who prefer the masses to be in the false reality. There is no power in that.

  2. The phenomena of “reality” shows is so very bizarre. You thankfully point out the waste of time and energy that watching or commenting on them is. With the hundreds of cable channels you would think there would be more to choose from than Democracy Now and LinkTv. This explains why more and more people on Earth are searching the internet for truth. There is more true communication being done at websites and this is a very good thing. Keep the faith and be the change you want to see in the world. The honest sharing of ideas by men and women around the Earth is lifting humanity in profound ways. Very insightful post. Thank you.

    • Thank you Jerry! It is nice to see others with the same thoughts on this subject and I hope more people feel this way and we can help to create a change. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by my blog.

      • Thank you to you and your readers for speaking truthfully. This helps more than we may know. Who really knows how many men and women have been affected positively by this worldwide discussion? And who really knows how many of those men and women will then positively affect more people?… This is the power of true communication between people and it is profoundly moving. Thank you.

  3. This is a fantastic post. It is spot on and I agree with you entirely. It’s the same as watching multi-millionaires hit golf balls, baseballs and hockey pucks. I don’t think anything will change until we change our individual and collective self image or as Eckhart Tolle would say, until we become conscious. Until we feel good about ourselves we will continue to be driven by greed and a sense of inadequacy.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying too… What is sad and frustrating is that it seems to be those of us who are not millionaires that care and want to do something but don’t have the money to start something so all we can do is pray, pray and keep on praying for an awakening to arise and for no one to be suffering while others bathe in gold.
      My post was prompted by watching a documentary on families in Orange Co. Cali, who have fallen on hard times and how they are living in motels and how the children are growing up, it takes place in an area that is one of the richest but ignores the reality. It was so sad to watch and that is when my husband and I were like Helloooooooo do a reality on these people and give them the money so they can move up in life and see what they can become with a break in life… that would be a reality show I would love to see.

  4. “Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” The Matrix

    I could not agree more with what was said in this post. I find it chilling that the Orwellian double speak has been birthed in our generation through sarcasm, satire and reality tv. People have stars in their eyes and forget that they must look toward compassion in order to feel fully alive.

    Thank you for your words and being a light in the darkness of the mind.


  5. I could not agree more. Reality TV is a perfect example of the dumbing down of our society. If half the energy were exerted to helping those in need as you suggest, then I feel great strides could be made. Awareness alone would skyrocket and that seems like a great place to start. Out of Awareness of adversity, compassion is born. Thank you for this post and I wish you all the best.


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