Window 254 – The battle within our mind


The mental baggage of our ancestors physical journey is left behind for us to carry, because nothing but love can continue on in spirit.

We are all  unconsciously wounded by how our ancestors lived; the energy of their mental pain and actions remains in this physical realm and until it is addressed and changed it will continue to be passed down unknowingly to each generation.

Right now if we look at the mental demons within our self  and our family members, we will see the similarities and patterns within our lineage that we have  just assumed were our own issues.

Yes we create our own reactions, but some of our actions are just a continuance of behavior that is passed down from our ancestors.  It does not matter who, why, or what the mental battle and disruptive behavior is, it just matters that we change it.

If we can break the chain of mental pain and strive to leave  nothing behind but traces of Love and positive energy, not only will our ancestors applaud, but our heart and the hearts of those we leave behind will have a journey laced with love, instead of fighting through pain to find love.

~ WOW ~

14 thoughts on “Window 254 – The battle within our mind

  1. This is true. I have experienced this. I am working to heal a long line of emotional pain..and mental illness. It feels like a huge task sometimes. No one was able to do it before me. But I have found great support. And I am determined.
    Stopping a long cycle of abuse..I had no idea how much there was to be healed. I thought it was about not passing on the abuse. It is about healing it.
    Thank you for this.

  2. Yes, this is true! I am with my 90 plus year-old parents, and can see things I never did before about how I have unconsciously mimicked family characteristics – drama, anxiety, procrastination – but also love, forgiveness, generosity. I’m consciously reversing my standard reactions, and doing much as you describe in your last paragraph. That energy is left behind this way fits both my experience, research, and the way I would understand our universe, and God, to operate. What a joyful and energizing post! Diane

  3. Two questions:
    One, how to figure out those emotional pains that have passed down to us from ancestors? I believe that there are many that are the result of past life actions, we call karmas.
    Two, how to heal once figured out?

    • Delighted souls, take a deep look at your family and look for the similar actions, reactions, behavior, like lets say someone is abusive or a drinker or depressed and look to see how many follow the same road… Then to heal it you make a conscious change to break the chain… it does not have to break with everyone but just one person alone who can right the wrongs and create a change breaks the chain for them-self and for those to follow you.

      As far as past life actions or karma… you don’t know what you did in a past life so all you can do is just strive to be your best and karma to me is our actions now so if you have sent negativity out it will come back but when you know better you will do better… if you walk in love and kindness toward everyone your on your way.
      The key is break the patterns you see that run in your family if you look deep you will see exactly what the issue is, and if you see it and can share it with other family members to help them on their journey then all the better.

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