Window 257 – Breaking the barriers


Just has metal must be heated to be  molded; we must be put to the fire in our life situations, to refine the negative aspects of our self that are blocking us from being our best.

We must not resist the life challenges that push us to our breaking point, we need to embrace them and seek to have a break through, in order to pull us into  an enlightened place within, which will mold us into who we are meant to be.

~ WOW ~

11 thoughts on “Window 257 – Breaking the barriers

  1. I know.. this one is too hard to practice. I go through it almost every day. It’s really difficult to convince mind to get out of its comfort zone and accept the hardships that come its way. Often, we have two roads- one looks easy, yeah… our way and the second, would be weird and tough to us. I guess, to get into the self realization stage, we must walk the second.. because that is where the unknown will come out.

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