Window 250 – Divine fruition


“What we wish for becomes our dream and what we dream is a preview from spirit to show us what is coming, but what is fulfilled is the plan of the Divine, which will always out shine our own wishes and dreams.”

~ WOW ~


Window 249 – The chatter of lies


“When we can escape the grips of our mind, the voice of our spirit emerges and all the screaming mind chatter becomes a whisper of lies that can no longer be heard, because the whispers of spirit become the screams of truth.”

~ WOW ~

Window 248 – Embrace everyone


“Unity blooms when we are open and accepting of everyone that is different from our personal view.”

~ WOW ~

Window 247 – Enemies become void, if you walk in love


“We have no control of those who view us as an enemy; but we can control our own heart to ensure an enemy does not form toward another, within us.”

It is hard not to harbor anger and hate toward someone who has spread lies or hurt us, but we have to remember that those who do, are the ones who are disconnected from the Divine.

It might seem strange to pray for them or send them wishes for peace, but that is exactly what is needed for someone to see beyond their pain.

 When we pray for our enemies we are asking Great Spirit to heal the infection of hate, to prevent it from spreading toward others.

~ WOW ~



Today is the first anniversary of my blog!

 I had no idea what this blog world would be like and I never imagined I would meet and bond with so many kind hearted people through this wordpress connection of blogging.

I love the interaction that takes place between all walks of life and from all parts of the world… it is such an amazing space to connect and share with one another and I thank everyone who has taken the time to read and share their thoughts about my blog.

“We must continue to share our hearts, so our love will infect others who are suffering.”

~ WOW~

Window 246 – Service to others


If each of us took just one person or one family that is struggling under our wing and  helped support them financially, spiritually, through love and compassion, it would create a change, that could literally change the world to end all suffering.

~ WOW ~

Window 245 – Connect to love


“When our heart  and actions are aligned with the heart of the Divine way, the way of the divine penetrates into the hearts of others and shift’s their thoughts and reactions into loving responses.”

~ WOW ~