Window 288 – wounds of our words

photo(30)“When our words are spoken with the sharpness of a sword, our name will be etched in the scar we leave behind.”

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Window 287 – Divine Company


“When you feel like no one understands you and that you are all alone, ask God to keep you company and you will gain understanding for others  and you will never feel loneliness again.”

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Window 286 – The struggle of voices


“No matter how hard we fall, we have to get back up or we allow the darkness of our actions to out shine the truth in our heart.”

Forgiveness of our self is harder than forgiving others because when we stray from the voice of our own heart, it remembers the pain of feeling us pull away and knows it was darkness that pulled us.

We might have a deaf ear at times toward the voice of our heart, but our fall does not have to shut off our hearing… it can jolt us into turning up the volume so it is harder to be pushed or pulled again .

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Window 285 – Food for thought


We empower the voice we feed and whatever we empower is what we will serve to others, so we must be conscious of what we are feeding on because if we are not absorbing love and positivity,  we are serving poison.

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Window 284 – The healing power of love


When forgiveness is given, love has won.”

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Window 283 – The choice of love


“When our actions are unloving we have purposely disconnected from our spirit.”

It takes more energy to be negative than it does to walk in love; so if we keep finding ourselves in drama filled situations, our ego has not yet exhausted itself, for our heart to be heard.

The core of who we are is love, so when we choose negativity we are purposely choosing to walk away from love, so choose love and watch  negativity disappear.

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Window 282 – The voice of our spirit


When ones spirit is unknown to the mind, the mind is in control with only moments of supernatural clarity of the spirit.

The mind wants us to believe that we are nothing but a physical being because it knows that if we connect to the voice of our spirit we will no longer spin in mindful thinking.

Our internal senses is our spirit speaking; so we must  listen even when it goes against what our mind would want to do, because there is a Divine plan for each of us and by connecting to our spirit we make the plan flow, instead of  prolonging the outcome of what is destined to be.

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Window 280 -present listening


“When we read between the lines of spoken words, we are actually reading our own story of the past while someone else is speaking and we miss the truth of the words spoken.”

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Window 279 – Divine timing

photo(19)When we are lonely and searching for companionship our personal search will lead us to someone that will leave us feeling lonelier than when we began our search.”

There is a Divine connection for all of us, but when we become impatient in waiting for the arrival of Mr. or Mrs. Right we disregard our internal alert system that is warning us to continue waiting for divine timing and we jump in to a relationship that is not meant to be.

We need to take our alone time and figure  out who we truly  are before we jump into a relationship out of loneliness.   It  is  then when we are ready to share our life with another,  when we least expect it, they will appear in divine timing.

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