Window 316 – The branch of love and hate


Love and hate grow on the same branch, so whatever part of the branch you are clinging to is what you will give off and attract to you.

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Window 315 -Veils of distortion


When the depth of our true self is unknown, we will mold our self into whatever someone else is looking for in order to feel accepted… which in turn only adds another veil of distortion, to block our spirit from emerging.

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Window 314 – The comfort of an illusion


“We must be pushed out of our comfort zone in order for our strength’s to be shown.”

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Window 313 – The branch of love


When love and kindness are pushed aside to embrace the ego, the heart of one’s soul is not being heard.

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Window 312 – The transfer of energy


If we are not in tune with the balance of our own energy field we will never notice the shift that takes place when another person is siphoning our energy to boost their own.

When we absorb another person’s energy by being consumed with their life circumstances, the feeling of uneasiness and scattered thinking becomes us, due to the foreign energy that is being intertwined with our own.

We cannot afford to give away energy that we do not have, so if we people please and over extend ourselves for another person, we are not only draining our self but what we give a way is weak energy that will drain others.

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Window 311 – The truth behind tension


When tension is in the air darkness is in the midst trying to break the connection of love, so when tension arises we must quickly diffuse it with more love before darkness is inhaled.

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Window 310 – The truth of a soul

photo(71)“When deception is being woven, the threads will not be secure and everything will unravel, illuminating the truth of the soul that weaves.”

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Window 309 – The whispers of truth


The truth can always be found between the words being read or spoken from the whisper within, which is the space of  Divine communication to keep us in the know.

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Window 308 – Carrying the past


When we let our past drive us into the future, every new turn in life becomes a u-turn back into the direction of the old baggage that we are choosing to carry.

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Window 307 – Walking our destine path

photo(65)God will pull us away from certain people in our life that are distracting us from seeing and becoming who we are meant to be.

  So when certain relationships disintegrate, we must continue moving forward to fulfill the destiny of our spirit, without looking back.

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