Window 309 – The whispers of truth


The truth can always be found between the words being read or spoken from the whisper within, which is the space of  Divine communication to keep us in the know.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 309 – The whispers of truth

  1. Just to let you know, initially I didn’t know if I should follow your blog or not, but after reading your quotes I find them uplifting, so truthful and I like how short they are because it’s easy to read and the message is profound =)

      • Good to help 🙂

        This isn’t really relevant but…I go through so many ups and downs lately! But it’s sometimes been happening throughout this year.

        It is no ordinary feeling – because it is energetic. It is periods of intense white light flowing through me, making all seem hopefull and right…and then periods of intense dark energies – hopelessness, despair, like everything in the whole world is wrong!

        I had this type of feeling a few days ago. Someone told me it is because some of us are getting consciously ‘aware’ of earth’s feelings, as ascension energies are helping the earth heal.

        Do you feel anything like this or know anything?



      • Hi Jamie,
        Yes what you describe makes perfect sense to me and is what I see and feel on a whole other level… The veil has been thin forever but the shift in acceptance that there is a veil is what is changing and awakening many.

        This is what I know from what I personally see, feel and experience… which is that there is a spiritual warfare… the light is calling us to connect to the spirit of who we are and know our true self, and darkness is trying to prevent us from knowing it, by keeping us spinning on the physical aspects of life and self.

        when we are truly connected to the Divine we are able to see right through darkness and therefore the strength of darkness weakens… in other words our light sickens it.

        The best way I know how to describe what you are feeling is this… you are energized by light and it is almost like a euphoria you feel so connected, light and free and just a surge of love, because light only knows love and then what happens is darkness see’s that it is losing one of its prisoners so it comes in stronger to try and pull us down from our high because it cannot stand the light and wants to break us.

        But what is so amazing about the entire process is that if we did not experience darkness we would not feel the light as strong or come to know our spirit, so in actuality darkness is the source to help us and it does not even know it.

        The key is to become very aware of the shift of energy, darkness feeds off our insecurities and all negativity, it seeks to break the bond of love between people ( like a sudden fight over the most trivial thing that you cannot even understand how it happened.

        you can feel it, it is so sly at times but when you can feel the shift is when you have to purposely connect with the light and stand your ground because a tug of war is taking place.
        I hope that makes sense so much easier to explain in person but I hope this help in some way.

      • Thankyou, I think when I experience the darkness next time…I will purposefully attempt connect to the light again…last time it worked when I started to connect to earth’s core!

        Thankyou for your time and effort to write your view 🙂


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