Window 311 – The truth behind tension


When tension is in the air darkness is in the midst trying to break the connection of love, so when tension arises we must quickly diffuse it with more love before darkness is inhaled.

~ WOW ~

11 thoughts on “Window 311 – The truth behind tension

    • Amen to that Fred! you are so right that people don’t know they think their thoughts and thinking is them when it is the monkey of darkness on their back so they buy into it… Even when you become aware it is still constant work to decipher between your thoughts and darkness but the key is if it is a negative thought it is not coming from your true spirit of love.

  1. WOW,
    Profoundly relevant as it relates to the situation in Syria and the Middle East. Send love to the innocents in Syria and the entire Middle East region in any and all ways possible.
    Thank you,

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