Window 312 – The transfer of energy


If we are not in tune with the balance of our own energy field we will never notice the shift that takes place when another person is siphoning our energy to boost their own.

When we absorb another person’s energy by being consumed with their life circumstances, the feeling of uneasiness and scattered thinking becomes us, due to the foreign energy that is being intertwined with our own.

We cannot afford to give away energy that we do not have, so if we people please and over extend ourselves for another person, we are not only draining our self but what we give a way is weak energy that will drain others.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 312 – The transfer of energy

  1. Wooooooooow!!!! I was so thinking about negative and positive energy this morning,I have picked up on others bad energy and I try to stay away from negative people, and I have also stopped overextending myself to others on so many levels, thanks WOW this post is great !

  2. I told a young friend recently that he could no longer stay over night in my home because I was ill and needed to be by myself. This house guest was like having a heavy metal band come to recooperate from life. Unfortunately he took my request for aloneness personally. I realize now that I was hosting a friend who was feeding on my energy. I thought that I needed to help. Perhaps my energy may have helped him as he said but I was eaten alive. I think this was the last such situation for me. Often we must keep repeatedly feeling the flames of the fire to awaken.

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