Window 342 – Silent Pain


Every person is struggling silently with some sort of emotional friction; therefore we must be mindful of our actions, so we are not adding more pain to an internal battle and our actions are a blessing, to the ease of one’s pain.

~ WOW ~

Window 338 – The image of a heart


“If the core of our heart is shining, love is all that will be seen.”

When our self image is negative, we are unable to walk in the depth of our heart, because the insecurities of the image we  present to others,keeps us  distracted from knowing our true self.

We must seek to feel the depth of our heart; so love can remove the image of flaws that we see and allow the beauty of who we truly are to emerge and be seen.

~ WOW ~

Window 336 – Know the depth of what you speak


“If you are going to preach to others about Jesus, you better be striving to emulate  his walk behind closed doors.”

Those who speak of Jesus while judging others in the same sentence, carry no depth or wisdom of the man they speak of. 

 For if they did; only love, compassion and a true understanding for all walks of life would be shown.

We must know what we speak and live what we know, for we are being watched by the Divine, who see’s all of our actions and listens to what we speak.

~ WOW ~

Window 335 – Heart strings


Everything is possible when our mind is aligned with our heart, because the heart is our portal, for a clear connection to God.

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Window 333 – Love, Faith and trust


Love is the seed to grow everything we need and our faith in the Divine provides the water for our needs, to create a bloom that is full.

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