Window 363 – React from love


Taking the path of love will always keep us at peace within.

Reacting from love may not give us love in return, but the love we release will penetrate the heart and mind of the recipient.

which will bloom with understanding at a later time, when their spirit  is ready to awaken.

~WOW ~

Window 362 – The reality of thought


When the images of our thoughts override the reality of what is, the whispers of our heart become muted and our mind will push us to create the reality of what it wants us to believe.

~ WOW ~

Window 361 – Thinking from Love


“When we think before we speak or take action, love has an opportunity to be heard.”

If we take a moment to look at how our actions will leave a mark on others from the end back, we can see if what we are about to do is coming from a place of  love or ego.

~ WOW ~

Window 360 – The high road


“Sometimes taking the high road becomes a lonely route that can only be understood by God, to which the inspiration for the road taken was chose.”

~ WOW ~

Window 358 – The path of a question


“The answers to what we are seeking are amidst the questions that we ask.”

Everything we need to know lies within us; but when we put the answer to what we already know into a form of a question, we are seeking an alternative answer to that of which we do not want to take ownership of.

We must follow our inner knowing for if we take an alternative route it will only lead us back to the same question.

~ WOW ~

Window 357 – Surrender to control


Whatever we try to control will take control over us, to which the voice of our mind will begin to override the voice of our heart from being heard.

 Our reaction to our life circumstances is all we truly have control of; so when we surrender to what is, we keep the heart vessel of clear communication open with the Divine, to guide us through the changes that come.

~ WOW ~

Window 356 – Acknowledgment of the journey


When the depth of who we  are and what we are doing in life is acknowledged by another, it is like a personal whisper from God, letting us know that we are on the right path.

~ WOW ~

Window 355 – Respond in Love


Any person that lashes out at the character of another, is just looking for company for the lower level of self, of which they are feeling within.

When we can look beneath the negative behavior of another instead of reacting, we will be able to see that the person lashing out, is just filled with pain that is overflowing onto us.

when we respond from a place of love, we can break down  walls of pain in another, to help them  reconnect with the space of love within.  Which in-turn will help lighten the load of pain that one carries.

~ WOW ~