Window 357 – Surrender to control


Whatever we try to control will take control over us, to which the voice of our mind will begin to override the voice of our heart from being heard.

 Our reaction to our life circumstances is all we truly have control of; so when we surrender to what is, we keep the heart vessel of clear communication open with the Divine, to guide us through the changes that come.

~ WOW ~

6 thoughts on “Window 357 – Surrender to control

  1. It is a beautiful photo, but the words trip me up. How can we release control to what is until we are sure just what is? If I were a teacher, I hope I would never encourage a student to trust me unquestioningly. I would encourage her, or him, to trust intuition supported by reason.

    • Because the only thing we have control over is our reaction… everything else comes in a divine form. Intuition has no reason because it is the voice of a higher power speaking… I am not a teacher I am just walking like everyone else and passing on the things I have learned. If it does not make sense to others… that is ok. Thanks for stopping by, I wish you blessings on your journey.

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