Window 391 – We are love not negativity


Every whisper of negativity comes from a dark source outside our self that is trying to silence the voice of our heart, to pull us away from love.

~ WOW ~

Window 390 – Live in Reality


When we try to represent a lifestyle of  that to what we wish could be; the truth of what really is, will be the view that others see and we will be the only one buying the illusion, of what we are representing.

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Window 389 – The depth of a lesson learned


“If our seeds of wisdom are only planted on the surface of our thoughts, they will not take root to become wisdom that is owned within our heart.”

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Window 387 – Changes will bloom


The acceptance of what is, is not the final outcome of what will be… it is just making peace with the present moment, while waiting for the next change to bloom.

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Window 386 – Connect to heal

photo(191)A listening ear with an open heart can be a life changing moment for someone speaking with a wounded heart.

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Window 384 – The depth of reason


There is always a reason and it will always be revealed when we are ready to accept the answer with the wisdom we gained, through enduring the reason.

To which the answer can be accepted, in peace and understanding.

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Window 383 – Be fearless


Fear is just an emotional bully that tries to prevent us from becoming stronger so it can always be in control… so stand up to your thoughts and take back your power.

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Window 382 – A different view


The hidden wounds of our past will continue to resurface until we choose to view the awakening that came from enduring the pain of the wound.

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